Sunday, June 03, 2007

More proof that Ronald Reagan was a liberal compared to today's far right:
And yet, it [the immigration bill] faces a barrage of criticism on the right from those who seem to reject any solution to immigration that does not deport 12 million people. Anything else they call amnesty. The term amnesty comes from the 1986 immigration bill, supported and signed by Ronald Reagan, which gave many illegal immigrants in the United States immediate permanent residency—green cards—with few requirements, a tiny fee and a fast-tracked application process. The current proposal would allow illegal immigrants to apply for a green card after a minimum of eight years, the payment of large fines and fees and proof of clean records and good employment history.
The right loves to cloak themselves in Reagan nostalgia -- as long as it's cleansed from much of what represents actual reality. They didn't waste any time in revising history.

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