Sunday, June 03, 2007

Harold Meyerson recently wrote:
Of all the absurdities attending our unending war in Iraq, the greatest is this: We are fighting to defend that which is not there.

We are fighting for a national government that is not national but sectarian, and has shown no capacity to govern. We are training Iraq's security forces to combat sectarian violence though those forces are thoroughly sectarian and have themselves engaged in large-scale sectarian violence. We are fighting for a nonsectarian, pluralistic Iraq, though whatever nonsectarian and pluralistic institutions existed before our invasion have long since been blasted out of existence. In the December 2005 parliamentary elections, the one nonsectarian party, which ran both Shiite and Sunni candidates, won just 8 percent of the vote.

Every day, George W. Bush asks young Americans to die in defense of an Iraq that has ceased to exist (if it ever did) in the hearts and minds of Iraqis.
In contrast to the notion held in Bush's juvenile imagination, the only unified Iraq known to have ever existed was an artificial one, held together by the brute force of Saddam.

The evil tyrant is long gone but GW continues to believe in the possibility of a structure that was only possible with Saddam alive.

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