Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bravo to the final Sopranos episode. I won't say much for now given many may still not have seen it, but Chase is brilliant -- and remains so when taking poignant shots at GW and his supporters. Note that Carm and T are Bushies, and yet when their son says he wants to join the Army to go fight in Afghanistan, suddenly the war over there sucks and is too dangerous for their boy. The yellow ribbon and bravery talk is all well and good as long as it's someone else's child doing the actual fighting. Suddenly out of the blue, AJ's parents back up the truck with all kinds of amazing offers (movie exec, club owner) to entice him away from a life in the military. Also, notice that these job offers could've been offered to AJ many episodes ago, perhaps alleviating some of his depression and grief, but Carm and T only decide to dump this mother load of future jobs when he expresses interest in fighting Bush's war over there (so they won't come here). Made in America. Yup, Chase is brilliant.

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