Friday, July 27, 2007

As if he didn't already have a growing mountain of evidence proving his nose is growing longer every time he opens his mouth, Gonzales now must contend with the top dog at the FBI.
The director of the F.B.I. offered testimony Thursday that sharply conflicted with Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales’s sworn statements about a 2004 confrontation in which top Justice Department officials threatened to resign over a secret intelligence operation.

The director, Robert S. Mueller III, told the House Judiciary Committee that the confrontation was about the National Security Agency’s counterterrorist eavesdropping program, describing it as “an N.S.A. program that has been much discussed.” His testimony was a serious blow to Mr. Gonzales, who insisted at a Senate hearing on Tuesday that there were no disagreements inside the Bush administration about the program at the time of those discussions or at any other time.

The director’s remarks were especially significant because Mr. Mueller is the Justice Department’s chief law enforcement official.
In addition to this revelation, Senate Democrats called for an independent special counsel to investigate whether Gonzales lied under oath.

It's great to see the Dems find and flex their spines. This is starting to get good.

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