Friday, July 20, 2007

E. J. Dionne Jr. recently wrote that despite Vitter's transgressions, his personal life should remain private.

Dionne appears to be simply extending that which should've likewise applied to Bill Clinton, but unfortunately Vitter himself at the time was very vocal about Clinton's transgression, stating that public officials who commit adultery should resign from office. (Funny how Vitter commits adultery and doesn't resign but rather a week later he returns to office).

Dionne's urging would be fine for those politicians who would likewise respect the privacy of Americans, letting us live our lives as we see fit without their parental judging or preachings about what is moral. Whether it be sexual preferences or abortion or some other social issue, if they agree to butt out, so then will we.

But they don't, as with Vitter who repeatedly crusaded about "family values". Complete hypocrisy but more so he didn't shut up then, why should we now?

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