Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Josh Marshall is just about fed up, moving ever closer to urging for presidential impeachment.
Without going into all the specifics, I think we are now moving into a situation where the White House, on various fronts, is openly ignoring the constitution, acting as though not just the law but the constitution itself, which is the fundamental law from which all the statutes gain their force and legitimacy, doesn't apply to them.

If that is allowed to continue, the defiance will congeal into precedent. And the whole structure of our system of government will be permanently changed.

Whether because of prudence and pragmatism or mere intellectual inertia, I still have the same opinion on the big question: impeachment. But I think we're moving on to dangerous ground right now, more so than some of us realize. And I'm less sure now under these circumstances that operating by rules of 'normal politics' is justifiable or acquits us of our duty to our country.
Although Josh appears to stop just short of recommending impeachment, another ex-Reagan official, former Deputy Attorney General Bruce Fein, has come out against Bush, with Fein flat-out stating on Olbermann's Countdown show tonight that Bush should be impeached. In due time we'll have GW's father recommending his son must resign....

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