Sunday, July 22, 2007

On Friday, Dick Polman wrote:
The quote of the week goes to White House spinmeister Tony Snow.

In a USA Today guest column, he wrote this astounding sentence about Saddam Hussein: “We never argued that he played a role in 9/11; political opponents manufactured the claim to question the president's integrity.”

On the one hand, I wonder at this point whether it’s worth rebutting fact-defying and blame-shifting assertions from the Orwellian Ministry of Truth; on the other hand, it’s worth sticking up for empirical reality.
Polman continues on to thoroughly rebut Snow's absurd assertion.

But it's true, they tell so many lies it only becomes note-worthy to mention when they actually utter something factual. For instance, when Bush said regarding the hunt for bin Laden, "I just don't spend that much time on him." One of those rare truths that slipped from his lips, and of course now we're reading about the end result of this fact.

Polman concludes, "with reference to Snow’s aforementioned claim of innocence, suffice it to say that not only has the Bush team repeatedly uttered falsehoods, but now it is telling falsehoods about its falsehoods." As we often see in many crime movies or shows, lies built upon lies eventually reaches a point where it all starts to crumble. We've already witnessed some significant cracking but expect to see an avalanche occur over the next 18 months.

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