Tuesday, July 10, 2007

With regards to next year's presidential race, I wish to reiterate what I refer to as "the pretzel dilemma" (GOP candidates forced to twist and turn only to do so once again before November 2008 = too much twisting = break). The extreme views of the GOP has put in place near-certain failure for the party's presidential contenders. By forcing them to adopt and parrot positions so far to the right of mainstream America, when it comes time to appeal to the middle in order to win the White House, the Republican candidate will have said so much to appease the far right he will not be able to credibly erase or alter those extreme statements, thus alienating a good portion of the electorate.

If Republicans believe George McGovern and Walter Mondale represented extremes to the left for the Democratic Party, then they better realize their party has drifted even further to the right in extreme and they should not be surprised come next November when they experience the equivalent in anemic vote totals.

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