Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Whereas up till this week we're fairly certain Gonzales has been fudging the truth, parsing words, "not recalling" what he actually remembered, etc., but with his latest appearance before Congress, it's now perfectly clear that he's descended to a new low and is just making things up willy-nilly. It's as if he doesn't even care to spend the energy to at least try to come off as credible. Watch the video, you'll see that he smiles while telling his tales, as one would do when telling a joke and can't wait to get to the punch line.

It's been widely reported today that he clearly lied about the supposed real reason for his trip to the hospital to visit Ashcroft, with documents as well as other congressional members proving he lied. It very well appears as if the highest-ranking legal officer in the land committed perjury, and perhaps has done so on several occasions, and yet our president stands by him, allowing our legal system to sink lower and lower into a morass that will take years to repair. And many Republicans are letting this happen.

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