Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is Gonzo about to be gone-zo? Jonathan Alter was on Olbermann's Countdown tonight and he believes it's just a matter of days before Gonzales is forced to leave. One reason for this belief is both he and Keith noticed that Fox News on Sunday could not find one Republican to go on air and defend the AG, not one -- a sure sign to them that he's toast. I believe the implication is not so much that nary a politician wishes to be seen on TV defending Gonzo (after all, it is Fox so the viewers would likely cheer such bellying-up), but rather word is probably out in certain circles in Washington that he's a goner so why waste time looking like a fool.

We can only hope this belief is true, yet congressional Democrats should not back off pressure. Our highest-ranking law officer in the land appears to be a serial liar/perjurer. No Republican will dare defend him -- but that doesn't deter The Decider. Gosh darn it, Bush still believes in his buddy from Texas. But then he must to avoid a sh*t-storm of investigations.

Dems should not give up on their pursuit until Gonzo is finally gone. Bush may bet they'll grow weary and frustrated, agreeing to move onto other matters. DON'T! KEEP UP THE STEADY RESISTANCE. With every appearance before Congress, Gonzo comes off worse and gets further into hot water.

In fact, congressional Dems should do to Gonzo what he and Bush approved for Gitmo: torture, here in the form of continuous hearings and moves to investigate. Even if GW continues to defy, all of this is being recorded for the history books, another entry in a truly horrific legacy.

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