Sunday, July 08, 2007

Where Is The Common American's Outrage?

To get elected in 2000, Bush adeptly hid his Ivy League/affluent roots and instead played up a good-old-boy/Texan image to win over the average American. It was all a farce but it worked (thanks also to Florida and the Supreme Court).

But where are these same "average" citizens to protest this Libby commutation? Surely with this decision (never mind the hundreds of others he's made since 2000), Bush has made starkly evident his true colors, that he's all about serving the rich and protecting the well-connected. He cares not a bit about the typical American. Some proof? When governor of Texas, Bush rarely if ever granted clemency or leniency. Many such average Americans were allowed to die via the death penalty or face long sentences as decreed by the law, all because those particular guilty individuals were nobodies to Bush. The only concern he's ever had with regard to average Americans is to win their votes, anyway, anyhow, whether it be by hoodwinking or outright lying.

If after six years these same fools have not awoken to the fact that they've been manipulated this entire time, then this Libby commutation should finally do the sobering deed. Otherwise we're left with only one conclusion: the average American is utterly butt-stupid and this country is doomed.

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