Tuesday, July 12, 2005

As I've been periodically reminding here since the start of the year, the GOP implosion is forthcoming. The Rove/Plame controversy continues to brew and take on more and more stink, and meanwhile GW's popularity is as low as ever. As they did with DeLay (notice how the BugMan's world of slime has taken a back seat to the new scumbag of the hour, Rove), look for a few "brave" Republicans to begin to speak out and implore that Rove come clean. After that initial wave, then look for a few more to meekly phrase that he should resign.

Again, with Bush's numbers in the toilet, effectively insuring lame-duck status, with DeLay in all kinds of trouble, with Frist seemingly vanishing with his influence, with Rove increasingly facing well-deserved pressure, and with Cheney AWOL (anybody seen him lately?), many Republicans will begin to focus on their own political skins. We've already seen signs of fracturing. The Supreme Court vacancy (soon plural with Rehnquist) promises to be heated not just between the two political parties but also from within the GOP, sure to bring on more internal rupture and divide.

The dominos are falling. Be patient.

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