Wednesday, July 06, 2005

  • Prettying up a skunk. The WSJ reports that with conservatives falling over each other to knock Gonzales that it might make him more confirm-able as liberals (stupidly) get swayed into believing he therefore can't be that bad. The Dems were stupid enough to agree to that filibuster deal, so anything is possible.

  • However, the GOP can't help itself as they continue to fight within the party about just how far to the right they need to go regarding this Court nomination. The implosion is on track....

  • Abramoff apparently comped congressional Republican meals at his restaurant -- an ethics rules violation. What will be the defense of these freeloading Republicans?

  • "Since Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush has made many speeches in support of the global war on terrorism, including his address last week exhorting Americans to stay the course in Iraq. Unfortunately, he has never made a recruiting speech," writes Phil Carter. Perhaps that's because it would be an admission of weakness, or rather of perceiving reality. Can't convey that!

  • The "liberal" media has no interest in pursuing the details behind the Downing Street Memos -- certainly not like they tracked down every last detail concerning Whitewater. Why is this? Because they're not interested in high crimes (treason) and misdemeanors, but rather low (blowjobs) "crimes."

  • Another reason to hate the Red Sox (I'm a Yankee fan).
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