Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Many might say: "So what if Rove gets fired (assuming not worse). He'll still advise GW and perform all of his evil magic, only not officially."

Yes, likely very true. However, apart from the necessity to do what's required concerning this potentially illegal, treasonous act, the sacking of Rove will amount to a HUGE high-profile pock-mark that the Dems can point to regularly, esp. during upcoming elections. What they need is for the smelly refuse on the GOP compost pile to continue to grow. With the Downing Street Memos, DeLay's never-ending troubles, Abramoff's lobbying connections, the Schiavo meddling, plus this Rove controversy, it all combines into a growing mosaic that if done correctly, the Dems can frame to pound home a strong message.

With GW's popularity already abysmally low, it won't take much to level a fatal blow, helping to cement these bottom-dwelling levels. It's well-known in the world of stocks, once a stock sinks so low that it pierces through the sub-$10 level, it's tough for the stock to regain it's momentum and make it back into double-digits. The stock enters a death-spiral and eventually bottoms in this nether land where popularity becomes so scant, there's insufficient demand to push the stock up. This scenario could play out for GW.

By waking up the public to this expanding morass of stink and slime, and doing so through repetition and not off-putting heavy-handedness, it could serve as that proverbial arrow shot through the GOP heel.

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