Saturday, July 30, 2005

Just some of the items I've come across while catching up:

  • Among all of the other things making him unqualified, we now learn that Bolton is a liar. If he can't recall this incident, then one has to question his mental capabilities and have it further weigh against him given the importance of this position. But, it apparently won't matter since King George plans to override all democratic-like means and appoint him when Congress is out.

  • Meanwhile, the King's popularity continues to scrape bottom as impeachment momentum continues to grow.

  • Could that (GW's piss-poor poll numbers, making him an even lamer duck) have anything to do with Frist's astonishing moment of sanity, with him flip-flopping and now supporting stem cell research? Or could it be that Frist wants to run badly in '08 and realizes the public supports stem cell research overwhelmingly? Does political skin once again triumph over supposed moral stands and principles? Oh, me thinks so. At end of the day, these guys don't give a hoot about abortion and the like when it comes to playing politics. Just look at Santorum and GW when it came to pro-choice Specter vs. pro-life Toomey: they both endorsed Specter over Toomey. Bunch of hypocrites. Yes, Frist got slammed by conservatives for this move, but he looked at the pros and cons vote-wise come 2008 and decided otherwise -- his BS about sanctity of life be damned.
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