Tuesday, July 05, 2005

For those who at least peruse through the right-wing blogosphere, you may have noticed this common trend:
The President hasn't even nominated anyone, and already the Democrats are threatening a filibuster - the nominee must be a "consensus" judge; well, from what I can see, the 62 million votes that President Bush got last November puts him squarely in the consensus mainstream of American politics. -- Blogs for Bush
I can't tell you how many times I read or hear a r-winger still using the November election as some kind of up-to-the-minute appraisal of GW. (And note how they use absolute numbers (62 mil.) as opposed to percentages (50.7%), lamely trying to amplify their point).

Newsflash: November '04 is over seven months ago; much has happened since then. In fact, in most of the current polls (read: multiple, pick your outlet), GW is hitting rock-bottom. And as usual, the Clinton rule: imagine the r-wing blogosphere if Clinton were still in office -- you think they wouldn't be focusing on the current low polling numbers? However, when it comes to GW, they prefer to freeze time (then again, they're not progressive).

I suspect that given the trend in these poll figures, they will want to continue to cherish Bush's meager 50.7% election figure for quite some time as there's a good chance he'll never see 50+% again in any popular measure.

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