Sunday, July 17, 2005

I have a question: do the Dems have attack-dog-like point people specifically assigned to the quickly-evolving Rove/Plame scandal? It's obvious the GOP (as usual) does as they've already set in motion their coordinated, obfuscate-like-crazy affront on the matter. It's what they do -- ironically, mastered by Rove.

Where's the evidence that the Dems are staying one step ahead of the GOP shenanigans? Democrats can't rely solely on Air America and the liberal blogosphere to keep this controversy on the front-and-center burner. Instead, they need to take a page from the Clinton playbook and assemble a control center (ala Carville/Stephanopoulos) that conducts intensive research and strategy, and responds immediately.

If the Dems fail to do this, Rove will escape. Make no mistake. As NBC's Tim Russert heard from a Republican, if it were a Democrat in the White House, the GOP-controlled Congress would already be advancing several investigations. Instead, we have the likes of Republican Norm Coleman pleading, "Stop the partisan attacks. Let's get away from the gotcha politics." (Funny how they dislike "gotcha" crap when it's one of their own taking it on the chin....).

Heck, the Dems should directly be consulting with Carville (Where is the guy? He's been more AWOL than Cheney!), and Bill Clinton. The chickens are coming home to roost for Rove -- long overdue. On the heels of the filibuster-agreement debacle, the Dems can't screw this one up.

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