Monday, July 04, 2005

  • They should have this yellow ribbon for cars: "Support Our Troops -- Despite Our President."

  • Great letter to the Boston Globe:
    Oh those dirty, rotten leftist rascals

    John Jaeger has helped me see the light at last (''In past wars, the US didn't have an exit strategy," letter, June 26). How could we liberals have stood idly by during the nightmare that was the Clinton administration?

    Shame on that rogue who promised tax cuts and instead gave us a balanced budget. Not to mention his love life, which will scar many generations to come. And now here we are today criticizing a president who falsifies data used to send the country to war! The hypocrisy!

    The liberals' worst crime is to claim that there is some kind of difference between Operation Iraqi Freedom and World War II. It's amazing that these people would say that there is something different about a war against Nazis committing genocide against Jews and a war about oil, oops, I mean weapons of mass destruction. Of course the White House will soon ''discover" that the WMDs have been shipped from Iraq to North Korea. Obviously a preemptive strike will follow. -- DANNY MORAFF
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