Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The Washington Post reports:
A former Justice Department official who talks frequently to people involved in the case said signs point to special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald focusing on the aftermath of the leak rather than the disclosure.

"I think he made his decisions months ago that there wasn't a crime when the leak occurred," said the former official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Now, he's looking at a cover-up: perjury, obstruction of justice, false statements to an FBI agent."

A few discrepancies have emerged in public statements about the case, offering clues to potential contradictions being examined by the grand jury. Cooper wrote in his Time account of his grand jury appearance that "a surprising line of questioning had to do with, of all things, welfare reform." But Cooper wrote that he "can't find any record of talking about it with him on July 11, and I don't recall doing so." Rove has maintained that the conversation was initially about welfare reform, according to a lawyer familiar with his side of the story.
Ahh, the old refrain, "the cover-up is worse than the crime." And I seem to recall a certain prosecutor looking to go after someone by the name of Bill Clinton over possible perjury charges (recall the endless refrain, "the rule of law"). Of course, that was over a BJ and not the releasing of confidential information (i.e. illegal act) that could put the lives of several CIA agents in jeopardy. But I digress....

Let's see how the wingnuts respond this time around. Is it any wonder this administration is bereft of credibility?

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