Saturday, July 16, 2005

Some talk radio round-up (and contrast). Yesterday, movie-reviewer-turned-rightwing-ideologue Michael Medved was talking about that blistering subject greatly affecting the country: slavery reparations. Not Rove, or even Iraq or the Supreme Court.

When the sh*t is hitting the fan for the GOP, I just love to tune in to rightwing radio to see what topics they've decided to focus on. Never fails: it's never the brewing topic(s) against their side. Another example: Bill Bennett this week was talking about, what else, sexual abstinence in children (in addition to how terrific a golfer his dad is/was).

Meanwhile, on reality-based talk radio, Al Franken had on former Republican congressman Bob Barr (recall, a Clinton impeacher) and he commented on the Rove mess (a credit to him right there) and stated that he would expect some brave (?) Republicans to eventually call for Rove to resign. In other words, what I said here a few days ago. We'll see. They're a gutless, unprincipled bunch so I remain skeptical. But above all else, with lameduck, numbers-in-toilet GW flapping in the wind, they'll ultimately focus on their own political skins/future.

And Al once again reminded us of the nearly $9 billion that continues to be unaccounted for in Iraq, and yet Republican Norm Coleman -- in charge of initiating investigations on such matters -- does nothing.

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