Thursday, July 14, 2005

"GOP on Offense in Defense of Rove"

This is much like during last year's election, when one of the more obvious stark contrasts between Kerry and Bush was Kerry's decorated military service versus Bush's AWOL "service." What did Rove decide to do? Attack Kerry's service.

What are they doing now that Rove has by most accounts been caught red-handed in this Plame affair? Attack!

The following are some choice segments from the Washington Post article (my comments in italics):

"Republicans mounted an aggressive and coordinated defense of Karl Rove yesterday, contending that the White House's top political adviser did nothing improper or illegal when he discussed a covert CIA official with a reporter." ("Did nothing improper or illegal when he discussed a covert CIA official with a reporter" -- isn't this an oxymoron?)

"The emerging GOP strategy -- devised by Mehlman and other Rove loyalists outside of the White House -- is to try to undermine those Democrats calling for Rove's ouster, play down Rove's role and wait for President Bush's forthcoming Supreme Court selection to drown out the controversy, according to several high-level Republicans." (Smear Dems, "play down" Rove's role in a Rove-centric scandal, and expedite a distraction -- what a substantive, on-point defense!)

"Rove has not been asked by senior White House officials whether he did anything illegal.... 'What you all need to figure out is, does this amount to a crime? That is a legitimate debate.'" (How can they know if anything criminal or illegal occurred if they're not asking questions? By using telepathy? Interpret Rove's facial expressions or demeanor??)

"Bush has said if any White House officials were involved, they would be fired." (Whereas Rove's legal case hinges on the key word "knowingly," his job status according to GW's past statements hinges on the word "involved." Rove's involvement in the Plame leak has already been firmly established. The fact that Rove still has a job today speaks volumes to Bush's lack of sincerity and accountability.) UPDATE.

"'In all honesty, the facts thus far -- and the e-mail involved -- indicate to me that there is not a problem here,' said Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah)." (Nuf said. There's a HUGE problem here.)

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