Tuesday, June 27, 2006

  • Al Gore's movie has received rave reviews from movie critics, but now also gets five stars from top climate scientists.

  • Money will continue to buy elections, and therefore likewise our governments.

  • The madness of King George (ruling as only he sees fit).

  • General Casey, is this good progress ("Whole city blocks here look like a scene from some post-apocalyptic world," "Many neighborhoods are out of the control of either the American or Iraqi government forces; insurgents hold sway"), i.e. the planned September withdrawal still looks A-OK?

  • The Dems continue to be cowed regarding anything related to terrorism ("the banking surveillance has not triggered broad outrage among congressional Democrats"). Pathetic.

  • $2 billion worth of scams has been committed from Katrina and Rita aid -- or about four times the normal amount of fraud in a disaster relief situation. Sounds about right given it's "I will clean up Washington" GW running things (BTW, anyone find that missing $8+ bil. in Iraq yet?).

  • Surprise! (not) Homosexuality is biological, not environmental (i.e. gay parents won't "turn" a child gay, so all you crazed religious kooks can relax).
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