Saturday, June 17, 2006

An email I sent to Guy James:
Guy, I also very much agreed with your rant about Hillary's condoning speech re Bush's Iraq War. She's obviously attempting to contort and triangulate to win votes here, then contort and win votes there -- the woman of a thousand faces. Doubt it will work. She'll likely win some clueless folks, but end up alienating many more intelligent voters who see right through it, resulting in a net loss of votes. A shame.

McCain is attempting to do the same, but as I've written, he has more of an excuse to do this than Hillary given the dysfunctional demands of the GOP. But he (and Giuliani, who is likewise twisting and contorting) will end up alienating many more as "collateral" damage.

I've often wondered what Bill Clinton would be advising Dem candidates to do in this environment given the upcoming elections. Isn't it safe to assume that Hillary is perhaps listening to his advice? After all, he's a genius when it comes to campaign strategy. If so, can we truly believe that Bill is behind this rightward shift from Hillary? Or are we to assume that she has decided to go a different route, perhaps ignoring Bill's urgings and instead choosing to listen to the dreaded consultants (who did so wonderfully for Gore and Kerry!)?

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