Wednesday, June 14, 2006

With Rove somehow, someway escaping the noose, Dan Froomkin writes:
By all rights, that latter job should now fall to the press.

The White House has long maintained -- spuriously, I might add -- that the ongoing criminal investigation precluded them from answering any questions even vaguely related to Rove's conduct.

Now, without charges against Rove in the offing, the media should demand answers to a slew of questions. The overriding issue: Just because Rove wasn't charged with a crime doesn't mean his conduct meets the standards the public expects from its White House.

If Rove was irresponsibly lax with classified information, if he intentionally misled the press, the press secretary and the president, if he conspired with fellow White House aides to punish someone who spoke out against the president -- all of which appears to be the case -- what is he still doing serving as the president's most trusted aide?
Raise your hand if you have faith in the MSM picking up the ball on this matter.... Yeah, right, just as I thought. (Also, I wonder, did Bush surprise-leave the country because he wanted to avoid questions coming from a likely Rove indictment? i.e. did even he guess wrong but better to be safe than sorry??)

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