Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Digby writes about the insatiable chubby Joe Klein has for GW. (Could Klein's descriptive narrative get anymore erotic? "In fact, George W. Bush’s body language—let’s call it the full jaunty—was reminiscent of his last, infamous cockpit trip....").

Meanwhile, Greg Sargent sent some questions to Klein, hoping for some answers. Klein did respond (and it's a long one). Here's a nugget that stuck in my craw:
I don't believe simply calling for a phased withdrawal is enough. I want details. Haven't heard any.
Klein is not too pleased about the Dems hatched proposal yesterday regarding how best to deal with Iraq.

This relates to a prior post here where I stated the Dems should respond to the Republican spin by reminding the public this is their mess, orchestrated by members of their party (manipulated intel, lies, Downing Street memo(s), etc.) and they should be held accountable for it, period (similar to arsonist and forest fire).

The primary onus should not be that the Dems must now come up with the definitive recipe for fixing this ill-conceived and incompetently executed debacle. Oh, and Mr. Klein, why no mention of likewise demands for a GOP solution with details? Or have you heard any (that escaped the rest of us)??

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