Friday, June 09, 2006

An email reply to a right-wing friend (regarding the recent flurry of congressional bills):
It's all red meat (pathetically and desperately) being thrown at the religious right -- nothing more or less. It's what happens when you get in bed with crazed zealots: they eventually control everything, threatening with blackmail in the form of boycotts, organized rage, etc. The religious right (your side, whether you like it or not) are pissed and are fed up. They finally have awoken from their zombie state and realize they've been played for fools by Karl Rove. This administration has coddled them, stroked them, and kept them in line with fear and sympathetic rhetoric, but have ultimately delivered them zilch. Apparently, they're not going to take it anymore and judging by the quotes from their leaders, they realize these latest chunks of tossed meat (gay marriage ban, upping FCC indecency fines, flag burning) are all just more of the same: meaningless, red-herring maneuvers that have little chance of passing.

As with most talking points coming from BushCo, it's insulting, manipulative and insincere. Best of all, how ironic to see the religious right get just as irate and fired-up as those on the left. Yeah, it's not as if the religious right will vote for Hillary or even McCain, but the GOP's biggest fear is they just won't vote at all. One can only hope.

P.S. With regards to my questions, "What happens to the man-made air pollutants? Do they just float into outer space?", I watched an hour-long documentary on HBO re global warming and a scientist (PhD) stated that CO2 released in the air today stays with us for about 100 years (no mention of outer space, Jupiter, Pluto), i.e. all CO2 released around 1906 is just now about gone....

P.S.S. Oh, and that's just CO2, the toxins (mercury, acids, etc.) have no chance of floating into outer space because they're heavier than our air, thus always staying down here near mother Earth (pathetic I have to even explain this)....

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