Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Speaking of Rove, the LA Times had a story yesterday on Karl's possible (likely) involvement in having the EPA change a rule to please the oil industry. It's worth reading the whole piece, but three quick points:

1) Although it's naive to think Rove didn't act as a catalyst for action re this matter, it does appear as if it's the heinous energy bill that is ultimately to blame. We'll be paying for that debacle for many years to come.

2) Notice it's mentioned that states can elect to regulate this newly-created problem. Yes, the oft observed new federalism trend -- only in this instance, a government official explicitly stated it. Apparently, this administration just wants to make sure corporations are happy at the federal level.

3) Funny how the spokesperson for the White House budget office emphasizes this action is to "ensure that agencies issue regulations that follow the law." So Bush uses that excuse when convenient, but we know he has decided to ignore altogether more than 750 existing laws on the books. Just more hypocrisy from these a-holes.

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