Sunday, June 25, 2006

Steve Benen of The Carpetbagger Report has written an article that's rightfully received a fair amount of attention. Benen points out that three GOP candidates for president (McCain, Giuliani, Gingrich) just so happen to share some commonalities, namely they've had at least one affair and divorce.

Given the ire and rage exhibited by this party towards Clinton regarding Monica, AND given how much the GOP has since aligned with the evangelical / puritanical faction of the party, one would think that these three candidates would have no chance of getting the nod in 2008. That said, Jimmy Swaggert has been back preaching, seemingly suffering no ill-effects from his sexual shenanigans, and Giuliani wasn't exactly rebuffed by Ralph Reed when he recently stumped for him.

As 2008 gets closer, the Dems should not be afraid to broach this subject (like they have with Iraq). It's not beneath them and apparently many voters find this transgression to be valid and meaningful. After all, unlike the Swift Boat lies, it's factual. Hell, as James Dobson's spokesperson recently said, "If you have a politician, an elected official, and they can't be trusted in their own marriage, how can I trust them with the budget? How can I trust them with national security?"

2008 will certainly be about cleaning up the government (recall 2000) and restoring honor and trust to our highest office. It all fits nicely (and last time I looked, Al Gore had a pretty darn good marriage).

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