Friday, June 09, 2006

  • I thought this was very odd, Tom DeLay stating he received a supportive visit from Dennis Kucinich??

  • In the NY Times:
    Republican strategist, Ed Rollins, said it was a mistake for the president and Senate leaders to focus attention on a marriage ban now, in what could look like a panicked reaction to shrinking public support...."If anything, he is reminding people of what they don't like about the Republican Party."
  • In David Brooks' recent column:
    One of the paradoxes of this war is that when U.S. forces commit atrocities, we regard it as a defeat for us because we have betrayed our ideals. When insurgents commit atrocities, it is also a defeat for us because of our ineffectiveness in the face of the enemy. Either way, morale suffers and the fighting spirit withers away.
    What an idiot. Not a paradox but rather just a sad state of affairs. When U.S. forces commit atrocities, are we supposed to applaud? Or excuse it and look the other way? Brooks represents one of the right's bright bulbs??

  • Greg Sargent notices even the right-wing are capable of some level-headed reasoning -- before quickly lapsing back into vicious, hypocritical hate-speak. Oh, and LGF, is this bit of news not troubling? Was it decided better politically to have this very bad man around (as poster boy to incite fear)? And Guy James makes some good points: if we knew where he was, why not take him alive (like we did Saddam)? Couldn't he have offered valuable info? And if his house was hit with two 500 pound bombs (as reported), that entire area would've been completely blown to bits -- and yet the picture of his dead body shows not much physical damage?? [You may snicker, but Jay Leno joked about this oddity, and frankly, given the staggering number of lies coming from BushCo, this kind of skepticism should be expected]
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