Monday, October 09, 2006

The Army's four-star retired General Barry McCaffrey strongly urges a new direction be taken with Iraq (however, note that even the good general appears to admit that nothing will change or get done prior to the November election; politics trumps all):
As the Bush administration warns Americans we must stay the course in Iraq, a retired four-star Army general believes a course correction is vital and must come soon after the election.

"That strategy has started to unravel," Gen. Barry McCaffrey said. "We've seen 23,000 Americans killed or wounded. Our allies are abandoning us with that strategy. And the U.S. Army cannot sustain the current level of deployment."

The war is gobbling up at least $7 billion a month, while the U.S. is denuding its armed forces elsewhere.

"We are putting ourselves at enormous strategic risk," McCaffrey, a part-time Seattle resident, added in an interview.
The cost of the war is soaring at a time when additional threats loom, from the Korean Peninsula to Iran. In McCaffrey's view, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is "in complete denial of what is before our eyes."
At this point, I don't believe even Rumsfeld's mother would have a nice thing to say about him.

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