Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In his latest column entitled, "One-Letter Politics," Paul Krugman revisits a topic he wrote about just a few weeks ago. The added emphasis is for good reasons. Krugman makes perhaps the overriding point heading into this election: the strident and intolerant nature of this modern-day GOP has made voting for a moderate Republican in actuality voting for the extreme sect of the party. To vote for a moderate "R" is to simply keep the numerical count of Rs vs. Ds in the Republicans favor, thus insuring the non-moderates in positions of power (committee heads, etc.) continue to rule while of course ignoring the moderates.

Lincoln Chafee can babble on all he wants about how he does not rubber stamp Bush's agenda, about how he's an independent voice, about how he cares about the environment and the non-super-rich -- that's all fine and good but thanks to his own party, it's not good enough. Chafee becomes the crazy aunt locked in the basement, tragically ignored.

For real change, it comes down to one thing: vote "D".

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