Monday, October 02, 2006

I give you the "honorable" Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS):
"It’s hard for Americans, all of us, including me, to understand what’s wrong with these people.... Why do they kill people of other religions because of religion? Why do they hate the Israeli’s and despise their right to exist? Why do they hate each other? Why do Sunnis kill Shiites? How do they tell the difference? They all look the same to me."
It's amazing to think that even people who by all accounts are at least somewhat educated could utter such a statement. And wasn't it not too long ago that Lott was framing himself as a victim of Katrina, warranting sympathy and compassion? Forget it, the guy's an A-1 a-hole, always has been, always will be.

I suppose there's the possibility that the spirit of Strom Thurmond was channeling through him at the time....

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