Monday, October 16, 2006

Last month, Jacob Weisberg wrote at, "Right-wingers also hope Democrats will initiate impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush, repeating the very mistake Republicans made with Bill Clinton in 1998."

Wrong. It was a mistake in that the act to impeach Clinton was ludicrous and lacked merit (as opposed to grounds for impeaching GW, which is chock full of merit). However, what the impeachment proceedings did succeed in doing was to elevate the Monica fiasco to the point of national and global attention, keeping it there for many months. As a result, the embarrassing ensuing events stayed in the public's collective memory bank long enough to haunt Al Gore in 2000, ultimately insuring that the race stayed closer than it otherwise should've been. Thus, the GOP impeachment witch-hunt ended up being an effective election tool -- despite the fact it was unjustified and 100% politically driven.

The Dems can do something similar by initiating such proceedings against Bush, except in this case -- as many legal experts have weighed in on the affirmative -- GW absolutely deserves to be impeached on multiple counts. But the Dems must make sure to tag or link all associated wrong-doings with the ruling party of the past six years, therefore effectively tarring any Republican candidate in 2008. And unlike Gore, these candidates deserve it.

Dems, don't be scared off the impeachment trail. Embrace it and use it -- as they did.

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