Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I trust everyone is doing their best to keep current on Foleygate. Admittedly, the amount of news flow on this matter is daunting and it doesn't help that the GOP can't seem to decide on one bogus story to run with, so instead we have name calling, finger pointing, lots of "I can't seem to recall" bullsh*t, etc. Looks like Rove needs to get the boys in a back room and as per usual hand out the scripts / talking points. With Hastert saying one thing about the emails, only to flip moments later, and Reynolds' potential knowledge of the emails (via his chief of staff) only to then cover it up (??), and Boehner has changed his story more times than a traffic light in Times Square -- you see what happens when these guys don't have Papa Rove to guide them?

Even the rampant rightwing Washington Times has demanded Hastert resign. What next, the NY Post demanding the same?? As much as Hastert's job is in jeopardy, the GOP powers-that-be will have him weather the storm up to the election and then soon after -- assuming they maintain control of power (an increasing longshot) -- they'll likely dump him.

But this Tony Snow.... Who would've thought we'd miss McClellan? Can a press secretary get any more smug and condescending, while at the same time utter "clever" statements that only have to be clarified and retooled later? He described Foley's emails as "simply naughty." So Clinton's consensual indiscretion is nation-shattering, five-alarm-fire depravity that threatened the very moral core of our existence; yet repugnant, sex-filled emails sent to minors from an apparent sexual predator in the House, well that's "simply naughty."

Does the hypocrisy of the Republican Party need to be spelled out any clearer for the American public?! Wake up Kansas.

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