Friday, October 20, 2006

Many conservatives are proclaiming that they hope the Republicans lose big this November. The reasoning goes that GW has veered way off from the sacred conservative path so it's time for the liberals to show their true colors and in no time the American public will be begging for a real conservative antidote.

Yawn. They might want to rethink this one. For one, the reasons liberals would attain positions of power is by definition due to the complete and utter failings of the alternative (Republican, right-wing) and the public will not likely forget that fact any time soon. The Dems will effectively be given a long rope from which to act thanks to the ruinous Republican legacy.

Secondly, because the GOP has shifted so far to the right in the last six years, the Dems can shift congress a good deal to the left and still just be getting back to the middle. Besides, gone are the days of extreme far left positions. The world has changed, as have Democrats, and as we saw with Bill Clinton the typical modern-day Democrat is more or less centrist -- especially when compared to the typical Republican who more often than not makes Ronald Reagan look like Jerry Brown.

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