Friday, October 27, 2006

Greg Sargent discusses Bush's recent intimate meeting with only-those-who-agree-with-him columnists. Even in this friendly setting, Bush tosses out some real doozies. For one, he states that "25% or so" of the American public want us out of Iraq -- huh? Try closer to or nearly 65%. Of course, as Karl Rove recently asserted on NPR radio, Bush could be referring to his own, "secret" set of polls.

And then as Atrios points out, Bush insinuates another lie by inferring that Iraq attacked us on September 11th. What's most disturbing if you read the transcript is that Bush says it almost as if in his mind Iraq did in fact attack us! In other words that it's not a purposeful canard used for political purposes but rather that he truly believes it, and if so then folks we're no longer at borderline delusional but rather full-blown pathological. Scary.

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