Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kevin Drum (and Matt Yglesias) agrees that it's high time for the Dems to quit whining when it comes to political ads and take off the gloves. My assumption is that both Kevin and Matt are not endorsing that Dems indulge in Swift Boat-type smear ads, and also that when the GOP airs such ads that the Dems go beyond whining and return the attack vigorously, demanding retractions and corrections.

That said with the latest GOP ad, starring not GW but rather Osama, Kevin states:
Don't like it? Then fight back instead of complaining. Run an ad showing a mushroom cloud over the Korean peninsula and asking how George Bush let things get to this point. Why not?
This ad would have tremendous impact and yet remain factual and venture nowhere near the distortions we're accustomed to seeing from the Republicans.

Another suggestion would be to show foreboding environmental images, and not just the usual stuff like iceberg cliffs suddenly dropping off into the ocean -- an image while yes sad and indicative of global warming, does not have the immediate, pressing urgency that works to crimp the average person's lifestyle. Instead, show the polluted rivers and streams from coal mining (mountain top removal), with the many fish floating dead and the toxic water flowing towards residential communities. Show the billowing smoke coming from smokestacks and link it to quotes regarding Bush's gutting of the EPA and the dramatic rise in asthma (again, bringing it home to how it affects a person's life).

Another idea is to link any economic progress that has occurred in the last few years to that faction which it has most greatly benefited: the rich. Show images of huge mansions, gated communities, limos, etc., with voiceovers explaining the many income-related statistics available. Also feature GW's latest quote, where he was shocked, "astounded," to hear about how much CEO's make these days. It's similar to his father's admission when he didn't know how much milk cost and it further illustrates how out-of-touch GW is when it comes to reality-based living, including his many delusions regarding Iraq.

In fact, if the Dems undertake the use of any kind of fear-mongering, they should use Bush in the way the GOP uses Osama. In linking all GOP candidates to Bush, the Dems should assert that we can no longer afford to have a congress that blindly follows such a Walter Mitty president, and they should show montages from the Danny Kaye film, correctly likening the fantasy world of Mitty to the same such fantasy land that Bush and Cheney are dwelling in, and most importantly driving home how much more vulnerable we are to serious harm due to such crazed, irresponsible leadership.

At this point in time, the last thing this country needs is a president who is off-the-charts in denial, but since we can't do much about him for another two years, the Dems need to stress that removing his party's lackeys and minions is the next best solution.

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