Friday, October 13, 2006

"This time I'm really, really, really angry!! I mean it!!!"

From Dan Froomkin:
Yesterday, Bush was asked directly: "What is the red line for North Korea, given what has happened over the past few months?" He ducked the question entirely.

This is particularly troubling in the context of Bush having made a slew of what now sound an awful lot like empty threats against North Korea in the past (while, of course, attacking and occupying a country that didn't actually have WMDs at all.)

Has Bush lost his ability to be taken seriously on the world stage? How much is an American ultimatum worth these days?
Other countries like North Korea have probably figured out by now that Iraq was a unique situation, a war of choice by GW/Cheney that required little if any provocation. By many accounts, it was a done deal before 9/11, it's just that the tragedy on that day made for the going to Iraq that much easier (at least in terms of the selling).

But again, as for countries that actually do have WMD and dare to provoke, nothing happens. Lots of threats and kicking of dirt, but like school yard bullies (and GW/Cheney are school yard bullies), they eventually back down, reluctantly but they do. Heaven forbid if they actually used their brain and instead had a well thought out plan ahead of time, as opposed to relying on empty bravado and intimidation.

GW/Cheney thrust their chests and posture, while Rome burns....

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