Monday, August 30, 2004

Bill Maher likely has the best talk show on TV right now. It's almost always interesting and revealing.

He recently had on former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart:

MAHER: Nice to see you here. Listen, I want to start off by showing you – I hope you can see this – it’s a headline from the Montreal Gazette from September 6th, 2001, five days before we were attacked. And it says: “Terror Risk Real: Hart – Thousands in U.S. Will Die.” No wonder Joe Lieberman called you the “Paul Revere” of our age. You were the guy who said, “The terrorists are coming! The terrorists are coming!” Because you were part of this Hart-Rudman committee that put out this report. Tell us how that committee came into being, what it said, and what has been done about it since.

HART: First of all, there were 13 others, so it shouldn’t be personalized. Seven Democrats and seven Republicans appointed in the fall of 1998 by then President Clinton, with the concurrence of the congressional leadership, to do something that hadn’t been done since 1947, and that is a complete review of U.S. national security, in this case, post-Cold War. And we were to report to the next president of the United States, whomever that might be, which we did, January 31st, 2001. And although he would not see us personally, we met with senior cabinet officials. We urged them to create a department of homeland security because we had concluded two years before that the nation was going to be attacked by terrorists, and that thousands of Americans would die.


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