Thursday, August 26, 2004

Great points from Tim Dickinson over at

This Swift Boat idiocy is enough to make you want to pull the plug on your cable or convert your satellite dish into a urinal. With Najaf under siege, and the Plame case coming to a head, with the Abu Grhaib scandal now reaching to the highest levels of the Pentagon brass, and with overtime for millions getting the ax, all the dunderheads at the cable networks seem to care about is the Swifties. They're lying. Navy documents prove it. Get over it.

There are, however, a few lessons to be learned from this ridiculousness: 1) outrageous falsehoods get more attention than honest debate, 2) the TV media in the slow news month of August couldn't be happier than to be used as a partisan echo-chamber, 3) John Edwards has revealed his biggest weakness: his inability as the Sunshine candidate to go all Cujo-Attack-Dog against the GOP's dirty tricksters, and 4) Kerry's lack of agility in defending himself from such a predictable below-the-belt blow should worry Democrats.

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