Friday, August 20, 2004

John Edwards, M.I.A.?

Is it just my imagination or has VP candidate Edwards fallen off the face of the planet? We see and hear Cheney out there performing the obligatory attack-dog role of the VP, but where is Edwards doing the same? If anything, it appears as if Kerry himself is attempting to single-handily throw the punches, which may be by design to bolster his tough-guy image (he can protect us from terrorists, has swagger, yadda yadda). But still, it would be effective to hear both candidates fighting back, esp. if Edwards is going to face king-of-all-bullies Cheney in a debate. Are we to believe Edwards made a terrific lawyer via sweet talk and nice-guy courtroom behavior? Assuming a big "no," can we then see and hear some of his more bristling, punch-to-the-belly, shark-toothed -- yet fact-based -- side? If we don't, then notch an edge to Bush/Cheney.

Either Edwards is in hibernation or this so-called liberal press is once again dropping the ball.

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