Monday, August 30, 2004

On the eve of the Republican Convention, I stand by my August 5th post where I simply wonder aloud why Bush/Cheney don't just promise the world, and then some, concerning campaign pledges. They have a well-documented record of going back on SEVERAL of their campaign 2000 promises (the internet is filled with web sites offering fairly comprehensive lists, such as, and here). When it comes to accountability, not only do they weave and dodge to escape any appearance of flip-flopping, but the media has conveniently allowed them to do so, hardly ever taking them to task on any of these flagrant say-one-thing-do-another violations.

So again, I ask, why don't they just go all the way and promise everything but the kitchen sink to the idiot masses? This time around they have no reelection concerns to serve as even a remote checks-and-balance.

I guess they have to at least offer up the appearance that they're credible and responsible.

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