Thursday, August 26, 2004

Regarding the environment, I ask: when this administration trots out the explanation that what they’re trying to do is legitimately streamline, update, and make MORE effective existing regulations, how can any reasonable person believe it when we know that corporate personnel (lobbyists, executives, etc.) are actually and literally doing the updating & streamlining? With a straight face, they expect us to check our brains at the door and just assume that these obviously-conflicted parties will indeed do what’s best for the American public, and NOT those who pay them.

Any logical, reasonable person would conclude that this farce is simply the fox protecting the hen house! And even if they wanted us to believe this load of absurdity, you’d think they’d at least allow environmental groups to participate in the process (and then just ignore everything they had to say) but they don’t even do that! It’s documented just how willfully exclusionary they’ve been against such non-corporate-backed groups. To simply buy-in to this laughable explanation is to just be a fool.

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