Monday, August 16, 2004

While soldiers continue to serve their tour of duty in Iraq, the contrast is striking when we look at our president's current "tour of duty," that of his "Ask President Bush" forums. It should be called the "Christian Suck-Up To George" love-in.

Get a load of this bracing "question":

"I'm 60 years old and I've voted Republican from the very first time I could vote. And I also want to say this is the very first time that I have felt that God was in the White House.''

"Thank you,'' Mr. Bush replied, to applause.

This sounds more like a forum that would've occurred for Napoleon!

A nice snippet of truth:

The result is often a love-in with heavily Christian crowds. Mr. Bush relaxes, shows off his humor and appears more human than in his sometimes tongue-tied and tense encounters with the press. He clearly relishes the sessions: As of this coming Wednesday in Wisconsin, Mr. Bush will have had 12 such campaign forums, which is one less than the number of solo news conferences he has had in three and a half years in the White House.

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