Sunday, August 22, 2004

Karl Rove must be smiling this morning. With Kerry's sudden outspoken defense against the SBVT ad, the major papers today have several articles on the subject. So the attention on this ludicrous subject remains, if not grows, just as Rove would like for it to happen. Yet, what is Kerry to do? It's like a playground fight where the other guy is fighting dirty (scratching, kicking, aiming for the scrotum, etc.) and yet there's no judge or referee at the playground; one either must walk away and risk looking bad ("losing"), or roll up one's sleeves and fight dirty also.

William Rood, a Vietnam veteran who served with Senator John Kerry, supports Kerry's version of events from one of their operations together.

It's just like they did with Clinton: keep the focus on scandals -- even if not true. Pound, pound away, eventually the public will soak it in as truth ("Repeat a lie long enough....").

P.S. notice Obama has a 41-pt. (!) lead over Keyes.

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