Saturday, August 14, 2004

On top of everything else he's doing to make me scratch my head in befuddlement, Ralph is now making anti-Semitic comments?? It's time to seriously question his sanity.

I hate to draw this parallel (yet it's come to that), but this morning I was listening to Air America's "Ring of Fire" show and they were discussing the growing chatter in Washington about Bush's irregular behavior. Many feel he might be "cracking up" or perhaps reverting to non-AA-like behavior. We've all heard about the pretzel incident and his latest fall of the bike, yet I didn't hear this one which was especially baffling:

June 2003: Bush took a spill while testing the Segway at the summerhouse of George Bush Sr. in Maine. A scooter type device, Segway had been introduced as an extremely stable vehicle that was impossible to fall off of. Bush escaped unscathed from the accident. It is still wondered how he managed to tumble from a vehicle which is billed as being impossible to fall from.

November 2nd can't come soon enough.

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