Monday, August 23, 2004

Is it REALLY unfair to at least postulate that Iraq could turn into a Vietnam? Just read this piece in today's USA Today. "Attacks against U.S. and allied forces have averaged 49 a day since the hand-over of sovereignty June 28, compared with 52 a day in the four weeks leading up to the transfer," and "violence is common in almost every part of the country."

I've asked for anyone to send stories of the good news in Iraq that the "liberal media" is submerging -- have not received one. Also, as I've written, Kerry stands to adopt this growing mess, which could ultimately do to his administration what Vietnam contributed in doing to LBJ's. Assuming GW loses, the "Bush Effect" could go well-beyond resolving his deficit problem and correcting his environmental havoc, but also could more immediately work to sink the next administration.

Ahh, what compassion.

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