Friday, August 20, 2004

Don't you just love the way we have all been distracted thanks to the far right's "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" nonsense, diverting our attention away from Bush's HIGHLY questionable service record. Notice all demands have come to a halt with regards to GW's unreleased records, his five months of AWOL without explanation, his failure to show up for a military medical exam (which many have said had to do with his fear of the urine results), and while at least the Swift Boat officers all remember Kerry serving, where is at least one officer or serviceman to state they remember Bush at all??

Yup, another victory for Rove. He has sent us on a fox chase while the hen house gets raided. We're dopes; he laughs.

Go here to remind yourself of all of the outrageous, still-unanswered questions concerning chickenhawk GW's so-called military past.

From now to November, let's make sure to focus the outrage where it should be aimed and not allow it to veer of course.

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