Thursday, August 12, 2004

With the tons of lies and distortions that have come out of this administration, literally starting with GW campaigning in 2000, it's no wonder Karl Rove is frantically trying to point out any such "lie" he can hang on Kerry. With Bush/Cheney's credibility on anything at ever-declining levels, Rove must feel he has to paint the other guys as bad as us when it comes to deceiving the public.

Whelp, good luck with that Karl, but I have a feeling the American public will realize that in the end, lies and deception will define Bush/Cheney much more so than Kerry/Edwards. You simply can't fight the tons of evidence.

That said, look what we have here. Laura Bush has decided to get in on the act. Her recent pathetic attempt at making the case for her husband concerning stem cell research is something to behold. LiberalOasis has done a great job documenting her dance with the truth.

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