Monday, August 02, 2004

By the way, I've had the discussion on more than one occasion that NYC (and DC) will continue to be a favorite target for terrorist attacks. I've had some people debate this notion. For whatever reason, they conclude that such attacks are like a lightening strike: once a hit occurs, it's rare to occur at that location again.

Huh? These are cold-calculating people, not non-thinking forces of nature. Recall they attacked the WTC years before the 9-11 attack. Now, we get word that they're targeting -- you guessed it -- buildings in NYC & DC (and Newark, NJ -- which is basically NYC).

While this may appear to be a very minor point, I only feel it portrays how some Americans may think when it comes to terrorists. As far as I can tell, much of the thinking is far removed from how Osama & Co. actually think. It does not take a big leap to guess that terrorists are here to stay and if that's the case, I would urge Americans to at least try to get to know how these "crazies" actually reason. It's too easy (lazy thinking) to just assume that they operate in some loopy, half-assed-planned, evil manner. In fact, our best intel experts are on record stating that what we're dealing with are shrewd, and obviously very dangerous, operatives.

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